Vargar -

a network for predators

in Northern Europe

  • Do you think that the big predators in northern Europe should be preserved for the future generations?
  • Do you think that wolf, lynx, bear and wolverine should be allowed to live in northern Europe, even if they take moose, roe deer and hares?
  • Do you think it's wrong to hunt predators because they compete with the hunters about the quarry?
  • Do you think the hate against predators is unreasonable, that it is based on a lack of knowledge and willingness, and that it must be faced with information and other activities?

We are a network that works in the following way:

  • All members join an electronic mailing list.
  • The network has no board of council, only an administrator of the mailing list "Vargar" (wolves).
  • The membership fee is voluntary.
  • You take part in the discussions on the list, exchange experiences, inform yourself and inform others.
  • You are welcome to contribute with information which will be published on the web site.
  • You take part in the activities you like, e.g. public meetings about predators, the meetings and social gatherings between members in the network etc.
  • You follow the discussions on predators in your local newspaper and with help of the network answer letters to the editor and articles with facts.


This is how you join the network and the mailing list:

Join Vargar
Owned by

After joining, write to and include your full name, address and phone number. Also please state if we are allowed to make the information available in a public members directory. (If you say nothing, we assume that you wish to remain anonymous.) You will receive a confirmation from the administrator that you have been added as a member.

Questions: send email to:

You are welcome into the network - the predators need you!

Calle Blåholtz

Macbeth: One of the arctic foxes in the EU "SEFALO" project.

Photograph of Macbeth: Bodil Elmhagen
Other photographs: Lars Nyblom

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